I hurt.

Not in the I may have broken something way, but in the I know I did some good work this week kind of way.

That first week back to steady training is always the worst, it zaps your energy, makes you sore in places you forgot existed, wreaks havoc on your sleep. And yet it feels great knowing I put in some good focused effort on improving my physical and mental toughness.

Many people wake up these days feeling like crap, medicating with caffeine and tylenol, all while doing barely any physical activity, yet somehow feeling like they did a 7 hour workout. This is the terrible aspect of our time, so much work and leisure time is spent glued to computer and phone screens and peoples bodies suffer for this, leading to even more sedentary behavior.

People have forgotten the pleasant feeling of soreness connected to a good days work, and the benefits to our emotional states that come along with it. Hard work teaches us what it really means to be tired or uncomfortable, it strengthens the mind.

This isn’t to say that people who work all day in front of a computer don’t work hard, but it simply does not build character in the same way that good physical effort does.

We need a paradigm shift in how we structure our work days, integrating physical movement and hands on tasks that we can visibly see, this gives meaning and grounds us in the reality of our day to day existence.

Never forget that we are animals.

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