There is something particularly cathartic about writing.

You sit yourself down and without much effort can upload all your thoughts onto paper or computer, just letting go of everything you have been holding in for the day until finally, after minutes or hours, you are free.

You can learn so much about yourself through writing that I believe it should be a skill taught in school.

Some of you may say that it already is in most places, but in reality we are taught language, not writing. We aren’t truly taught about the benefits that it can bring, we simply have to learn to write so we can pass tests, the worst possible motivator.

If I were to best describe why I write, it is to think.

To figure out why I think the way I do.

And also to just feel things.

Many of us have trouble expressing our emotions, and the act of writing them down is a much needed release.

Whether it’s online, or in your own personal journal, I truly believe it is a habit worth developing.


    • Hmm I have never really thought of it in terms of favorites. I do enjoy writing about limitations and pushing past them. I also write a lot of poetry. Overall I like writing about multiple subjects, hence why my blog touches upon so many topics 🙂


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