We are each of us unique yet also a composite of those we surround ourselves with.

As I have been traveling I’ve found myself merging within the groups I happen to be around. In some instances this has been a positive force, pulling me out of my comfort zone and forcing me to experience that which I would usually avoid.

But many times I have found myself caught up in the group think, twisting myself around to fit in with what the others are focused on, even if it holds little interest for me or does not hold to my values.

Keeping hold of who we truly are when surrounded by others for long periods of time is difficult. We need to constantly remind ourselves that although fitting in is perfectly fine and has worth within a society, we must not allow ourselves to lose sight of the kind of person we wish to be.

Striving to be better in all things, as well as taking pride in what we have accomplished, regardless of how small is paramount. A group that does not allow you to push yourself towards that goal is a group not worth being with. Sometimes pulling yourself away and being on your own is best, at least until you meet someone or another group that follows the same path as you.

A journey alongside someone of kindred spirit can be a beautiful experience.

Most important is to keep moving forward, never forgetting to step upon the cobblestones of your destination and not be yanked off to follow others.

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