Courage comes in many forms. There is bravery in even the smallest act of kindness, the smallest sacrifice.

Stepping forward, being responsible for our actions in any given situation, takes a great amount of willpower, especially when the mob has decided to shy away.

That desire to conform, to not stand out, is a powerful force.

But there is a consequence to inaction.

It’s a corrosive act, to watch as someone is hurt or something goes wrong and do nothing. The Soul, regardless of how you choose to perceive it, is whittled away, scarred, making you a lesser being.

All we have in this life is our actions. The choices we make define our existence, and the path we choose to follow will inevitably be the judge of our time here on this Earth when the final moment comes and we look inward.

So choose wisely, in each moment of every day.



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