Fear, like most Human emotions, can be a useful tool for guiding us through the chaos that is life on this pale blue dot we call Earth.  But like most things, too much of something, especially when it is misunderstood to the degree that fear is, can be debilitating to our ability to function well.

Fear is our bodies way of warning us that something may cause us harm. This is good when a lion is chasing us, but not so useful when all that we are doing is going in for a job interview or attempting to walk up to a girl and say hi.

The brain cannot tell the difference between the two, and that is something that only the conscious parts of us can work through and teach ourselves to overcome.

And make no mistake, most of the things we are afraid of in this day and age are not worth worrying about. You might keep a wary eye on some things, but mostly you should just inform your fear that it’s okay, this is just something you have to do to push yourselves forward in life and that, no, you are not going to die from saying hello to the cute boy at the cafe.

Unless he’s a crazy psychopath.

Or maybe you are and he should be afraid.

Life is so exciting, isn’t it?

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