Each of us has a responsibility to share our gifts with the world so that we can make it just a bit better for the next generation, so never hide what brings you joy, shout it out to the world.  Create and create some more to get away from those destructive tendencies we all have.


“Does what goes on inside show on the outside? Someone has a great fire in their soul and nobody ever comes to warm themselves at it, and passers-by see nothing but a little smoke at the top of the chimney”. 

-Vincent Van Gogh

“There is an awful lot of anger in the world, and in me, and that there is a real need to be creative with it rather than destructive. I think of violence as basically useless; it doesn’t solve anything. The more violence you create the more violence you have. So it really is an inconvenience. It’s like lying; if you lie, you’re constantly trying to remember what you lied about and how you lied. With violence, if you create it, you’re always trying to figure out why you did it or how to deal with the messiness of it or, later on, how to absolve yourself. Much better to create something, much better to talk”.

-Alice Walker


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