Human beings are one of the most versatile movers on this planet.

We have the capacity to perform incredible feats through a host of diverse physical activities. So when I hear people say they don’t like to workout, I am a bit stumped. You are telling me that you don’t enjoy any kind of physical movement whatsoever? working out is not relegated only to the gym, it is something that can be done anywhere and in a myriad of ways.

Nothing can hold you back from physical activity except possibly a serious ailment.

You can walk, you can run, you can jump, you can play any sport or dorky game you want. Go swimming, climb, do whatever makes you laugh and have fun, that is working out, that is going to get your blood flowing and your neurons firing and help your body express its animal self.

Don’t limit yourself just because the gym doesn’t seem like a good place to be.

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