Pride is probably one of the most self destructive of our emotions. It is responsible for causing so many wars and broken families and friendships that its removal could quite possibly change the face of how Humans interact.

I doubt that will ever happen though, so we must learn to mitigate its effects.

One of the easiest ways to learn to control pride is to ask for help.

Do it every day, for small things, for big things, for anything you can think of, just go up to someone, friend or stranger, and ask them for some help.

Asking for help is admitting that you are not perfect, you don’t know everything, you can’t control everything and you never will.

It’s learning to be humble and connect with the greater mass of Humans around you and being part of the community, even in the smallest of ways.

And asking for help and receiving aid is the greatest way I know to becoming receptive to helping others, which builds up our communities even more.

Just ask, it won’t hurt.