Sometimes we get stuck in a frame of mind that just does not let us move forward.

Regardless of how much we know we should be doing work,or taking care of ourselves whether with better sleep or food, we just can’t find an ounce of motivation to move our asses.

Those moments where ice cream and binge watching shows become our stalwart allies against existence.

They come often, due to a variety of stressors in modern day living, and they can be a real pain to get through. The most important thing to remember is that you have already gotten through moments like this, small or large, and you will survive.

The world will not implode because you didn’t do something special for a few weeks or months, you won’t die because you ate all that ice cream and pizza.

You will survive, and improve, and ultimately be a stronger person for it. Doing the wrong things is what teaches us the real importance of doing the right things, without all those failures we would have nothing to compare.

I am not advocating to just give up and go with the flow whenever life gets you down, but remember not to compound your issues with self hate just because you weren’t perfect at every damn moment of your life.

We only get one shot at this thing, we might as well be kind to ourselves.

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