This post is  part of an ongoing challenge to share  a little joy I have found each day of this year, and perhaps for the rest of my life. Hope you enjoy!

Sleep was gathering around me, waiting to cradle me into its warm embrace, and then…someone knocked on my door.

I have just gotten back to Saigon in Vietnam a few days ago, and after shifting into this new hotel, was quite surprised to have someone knock on my door at 11 pm.

After shaking off my sleepiness, I opened the door only to have 3 vietnamese men dressed in police/military garb as well as one of my hotel staff, all of whom could not speak any English, eventually communicate that they wanted my passport. I handed it over, waited about 10 minutes as they wrote some stuff down, then had it handed back to me.

This is quite common in Vietnam as the government likes to control the flow of people going around.

As I pondered how this practice feeds into the general sense of how the citizens and others interact and are controlled by the communist government here, I find myself incredibly grateful to have been born in Canada, even though it has its own share of problems, I have never had to worry about the government involving itself in my personal affairs, much less ever having them bother me while I have been traveling around the country.

Mostly I was happy that all that happened was a passport check, and not something more serious. Things can always be worse, and just having my sleep disturbed is low on the list of bad events and very high on the great that nothing else happened list.

Must keep finding the little joys in my days.


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