This post is  part of an ongoing challenge to share  a little joy I have found each day of this year, and perhaps for the rest of my life. Hope you enjoy!

Pushing ourselves into difficult situations is never a comfortable feeling, when you add on the pleasure of a physical challenge, it can be downright painful.

Having been traveling for awhile now, my training has had its ups and downs, sometimes long periods of stagnation. I have not had the energy to start to ramp up into higher levels of difficulty for quite some time now, and today it finally clicked in. Comparatively to past efforts it wasn’t a huge amount, but shifting gears and trying out more difficult leverages in my bodyweight movements felt quite tough.

The real joy came after, when my body quite loudly protested at its treatment earlier and gave me a nice level of soreness I had not experienced in awhile. It is truly a joy to have the opportunity to push myself physically like this, especially when I have seen such high levels of poverty in my travels. The people around me would never think to waste energy working out as I do, it would be mad when they barely have enough to buy food.

It is a privilege I carry with me at all times, and one I feel blessed to have, although I truly wish I could do more for those I see suffering due to the state of the world.

Find joy in all things, no matter how large, because most people in the world and for most of history did not have the chances that we have today.

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