This post is part of an ongoing challenge to share a little joy I have found each day of this year, and perhaps for the rest of my life. I hope you enjoy it!

January 19th, 2020

Ever since playing final fantasy 10  on the PlayStation 2, my general interest in video games has been tentative at best. Its as though the gaming industry suddenly decided that every Rpg and Mmorpg had to have a shit storyline and repetitive, monotonous gameplay all at once just because their graphics were prettier.
There have been a few moments of genuine joy as certain games just floored me with their amazing storyline and gameplay. Games like Horizon zero dawn, God of war, Enslaved, and even some short story campaign games like titan fall 2 all had me really invested in their characters and world development.

MMOs have been even more difficult for me, as I really got into the genre with Asheron’s Call, which to me is still the most amazing MMO ever to have been created, ever. It had a level of depth that is unmatched by today’s current games, and its ability to create camaraderie through its guild systems and massive customization allowed endless playing hours. Alas, it is a super old game and eventually died out. Ever since then I’ve tried a host of games, and found most incredibly boring, relying completely on end game content and PVP to stay relevant, with storylines that are lackluster and most quests highly redundant, not to mention skill and stats that just don’t make you feel like you are a unique character.

One of the games I absolutely adored when I was younger was Pokemon. As a grinder, it was still a pleasantly fun game that could keep you going for hours, and the few sequels it first came out with expanded the world and roster of cute Pokemon enough that it remained interesting. After a while though folks, I have to say, it was simply the same game regurgitated again and again and again, the story remained the same, everything was the fucking same. I still can’t grasp how it remained relevant for this last decade considering this fact, but somehow it has.

When Pokemon Go was announced, I was super excited. Here was the Pokemon game I had been waiting for, online and interconnected with everyone, and the initial concept of it being part of our actual world seemed really great! and then it came out…and I was horrified. You walk around wiggling your finger to throw a ball, then watch as your Pokemon headbutt other Pokemon. No strategy, no proper leveling, no skills, no story, NOTHING! and it blew up tremendously, and I couldn’t understand why.
Life sucked.

All this is to say that I have been waiting for something good to come out of the Pokemon sphere for a decade, and I think, maybe it finally has, and it has nothing to do with Nintendo thankfully.

Temtem is an upcoming, indie created MMO by a team of folks who quite simply love Pokemon, even admit that the game is fully inspired by it.

Its fully online, coop and strategy based. It has everything that makes Pokemon fun while fixing all the annoying, repetitive boring stuff that has been in the games for eons. The flashy new style is really cool also, although a bit kiddish. What’s amazing is that this is an indie game, from a small company. Seeing what they have accomplished and what this game could build into if interest is piqued enough, with possibly even more depth, shifting creature designs, more quests, and world development, it could be the kind of game I have wanted to be able to just jump into whenever I want to have lots of fun my whole life.

It should be releasing publicly tomorrow on steam, although from what I have read it is still in its alpha stages, with tons more work to be done, I am so damn happy.
If anyone has not heard of it and is looking to wipe the bad memories of Pokemon or simply delve into a new Pokemon like world, I definitely recommend checking this game out.

Have fun!

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