This post is part of an ongoing challenge to share a little joy I have found each day of this year, and perhaps for the rest of my life. I hope you enjoy it!

January 25th, 2020

As each day passes in this challenge it becomes so obvious how much the negative remains in my mind as compared to the more positive things.

I think back on the day and what I consider to be a happy moment and come up blank. I know that there were dozens of moments of laughter and fun and yet my brain, the asshole that it is, refuses to let me access those memories, instead more intent on reminding me how the motorbike drivers here are psychotic.

But I think that is what makes this practice of writing down the small, simple pleasures that I have experienced in a day so important. Because it forces me to really sit down with myself and find those good moments, to sift through all the crap that clamors for attention, to realize how unimportant all the negative stuff was and to highlight those small, special moments of happiness.

People speak of being happy these days as though it is a constant state of being. But it isn’t. Happiness is a skill, a choice you make, a way of perceiving the world you are experiencing day to day.

The children downstairs of my hotel are constantly making tons of noise with their video games and screaming. I could choose to get super annoyed and view this in a negative manner, but I can also choose to view it as a happy occasion, to be in a place where these little farts are able to have fun and enjoy themselves everyday, unlike in many other places.

A joyful moment is one in which not just you are the most important character in your story, but those around you who are enjoying life and giving you a glimpse of all the pleasure you can take in every moment.

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