I wish I could come up with some great philosophical advice to give on the best ways to deal with quarantine time, but all I really have are some simple tips. Do these and you will come out of quarantine in better shape than when you went in.

-Create a routine! Set yourself a time to wake up and a time to sleep, maximize the quality of your sleep and really dial in your bodies internal clock.

-Get some sunlight first thing in the morning, this will help set your internal clock as well. We all need fresh air and sunlight on our skin, take a walk ideally, or at least stand outside and do some movement.

-Don’t spend the whole day staring at screens. This will fudge your sleep, and mess with your brain. Too much screen time can cause lethargy, eye strain, headaches. Sitting all day is not beneficial either.

-Have a movement practice. Throughout the day, pop into squats, hang off of things, dance around, crawl, lift heavy stuff up and walk around with it. Your body will thank you immensely.

-Train. Choose whatever training you enjoy, and do it a few times a week.

-Get rid of all the junk in your house and just fill it with good quality food. Many people are gaining weight due to stress eating and simply choosing bad food choices. Load up on good meat, quality fats, vegetables, fruit, and nuts. Don’t tempt yourself with junk!

-Get some red light bulbs and set those up an hour or two before bed. Use blue light blockers on electronics. Night time is supposed to be dark! Too much light messes up your bodies internal clock, and even if you fall asleep, the quality of your sleep is less than if you had less light and allowed melatonin to release.

And lastly, just have some fun! Find some things that are stimulating and do them. Lazing around all day long will just make you feel crappy and will lead to even more negative decisions.

Try to enjoy yourself folks!

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