At a certain point in your life, you have to find a balance between order and chaos.

We all create and come to find comfort in the chaos in our lives, and many of us simply lose ourselves in the mess of it all. That being said, each of us has the capacity to organize our environment, much like our thoughts, into some semblance of order.

Now it could be that how you organize your mind and environment is not the same as others, but it still most definitely requires some organization.

The most important thing in organization is the law of subtraction.

What is here that does not need to be here?

What is the minimum amount I can have so that I can be as efficient as possible?

What do I own that truly makes me happy?

What is necessary for me to thrive?

Ask these questions. Be as strict as possible. Subtract, subtract, subtract.

Minimalism looks different to each person, and does not mean you have to live in an empty house with just a cushion. It means that you only keep what is useful, what is beautiful, what makes your soul sing.

Everything else is clutter. Clutter gets in the way of having a clean environment, and that can mess up the environment in your mind.

Be a minimalist, not a hoarder.

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