On the latest episode of GeeksnBarbells, I talked about how shifting your environment and your habits into minimalist mode can help improve your life in a myriad of ways.

For most of us looking to improve our performance, levels of energy, physical fitness, and the dozens of other things we think will make us feel better, we tend to gravitate towards adding in a bunch of new habits.

Is this ideal? Probably not.

The best first steps to take in any endeavor aimed at improving your day to day, is the removal of bad triggers and habits.

Want to lose weight? Get rid of all the junk in your home.

Want to improve your health and fitness? Install a pull up bar you can jump on anytime, get rid of your 3 couches, buy smaller plates, use only small bowls so your food quantity looks larger, set up an area to monkey around and play in.

Want to be more efficient with your time? Remove distractions from your phone, computer, and surrounded environment. Delete apps, social media, block websites, remove remove remove.

Want to have a clean home? Throw out everything you do not use on a weekly basis unless it is something specifically made to be used once or twice yearly like an expensive suit/dress for events. Do you need 7 suits and dresses? Probably not.

This is all based on what you consider to be important in your life, so choose wisely and honestly.

Once you have removed every possible thing that is not making you joyous and serves a purpose, then you can start thinking about slowly adding in new habits that will benefit you.

In the end, reducing all that is unnecessary will de-clutter your mind and free up your thoughts for better things, like watching a good anime while you do some yoga in your fancy new cleaned up space.

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