We seem to live in a culture that glorifies giving all of our energy to work.

We work 40+ hours, stress ourselves like crazy, and all for a company that generally couldn’t give two craps about us or our health.

And it is our fault.

We need a paradigm shift, an understanding that most of the things that we desperately want in our lives can be had for free or for much less than we seem to believe.

Should we be killing ourselves for jobs that only give us money that we do not even have the time to spend on experiences that matter?

Maximum effort should be applied only on the things that give us maximum return on investment.

This isn’t to say that you should do things badly if they aren’t important, but we definitely do need to make sure that they are worthwhile in general.

We also need to make sure that if we choose to put a ton of energy into our work lives, that we do not start neglecting the other important aspects of ourselves.

Friendship, health, creativity, these things are what keep us going in the long term, what bring meaning into our lives.

Hanging out with your friend? Make sure that you are fully present in the moment.

Training or engaging in a physical activity? Focus fully and give it your all, your body will thank you.

Thinking to create something? Don’t hold back, never let fear or judgement stop you from giving into the urge to do something creative.

We only have one chance in life to do the things that matter, don’t waste that chance.

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