Whether you are writing out the story of your life, jotting down your memories with pencil in hand, or simply sharing it out loud, remember this important fact;

Be honest, not an asshole. 

We all have a responsibility to share our truths, with ourselves and with those we care about. If you happen to be one of the few who has decided to share your life online, then perhaps you may withhold certain bits of information, but honesty should always be the guiding force of your work.

That being said, many people take honesty as a license to be rude, even cruel.

I know that as a younger man I justified a lot of the harsh criticism I threw around as my just being “truthful and realistic”. Which is just another way of saying that I didn’t want to put in the effort to share my thoughts and also be respectful of other peoples feelings.

Now it may not be an easy thing to be as truthful as you can without hurting someones feelings, and none of us is perfect and will make mistakes along the way, but it is always worthwhile to figure out how you can tell a story, whether yours or your view on someone elses, in a way that will help them realize something important without making them feel like a piece of crap.

It takes more effort, more heart, it means you will have to actually care, and that is what makes it worthy of being said, instead of just word vomit to make yourself feel good in a moment.

Give it a shot.


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