Regardless of how many days I manage to keep on living in this chaotic world, there is one incredibly frustrating yet uplifting truth I have come to accept, a fundamental life truth.

No matter how much people jabber on about motivation, finding your magical purpose, embracing your inner spiritual yin yang buddhist Jesus super hero, or other such nonsense created to push people towards a more happier life, whatever the hell “happy” is supposed to mean, the truth is that life is difficult.


You can try to motivate yourself to enlightenment, or you can just accept this basic truth and realize that if you accept it, then you can move on and get to work.

These days work is a horrible word, it implies struggle, it implies doing things you hate. What people fail to realize is even folks who find things they are super passionate about spend most of their time doing stuff that is tedious, boring, and dreary.

This is life. Life is not some fantastical faerie tale, it is hard, many times dreary work.

The thing is, that is what makes it so damn amazing.

Each of us has been gifted with a life, just one, regardless of what mumbo jumbo spouting priests dressed in weird outfits may tell you. We get one shot at this thing, and regardless of how difficult things can be, we are lucky to have a chance to live at all.

So forget about motivation, forget about all the bullshit peddling crap that is all over the internet these days, all that garbage on social media.

Just remember that you have been blessed with life, and it’s difficult, but difficulty is meant to be overcome, it is the driving force behind creativity, behind purpose, behind the whole shebang of life. Every living creature on this planet is in a never ending cycle of life and death, pushing and pulling, struggling to exist. We are ridiculously lucky to be alive at this moment, and if the only thing we need to do to exist is put in some hard work, well that seems well worth it in my opinion.

Keep that in mind, and get to work folks, with the right mindset you may even find yourself enjoying it!

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