There are so many issues with social media that to sit down and take the time to write them all, fleshing out every side of every issue would take hours.

I will focus on one issue for the next 5 minutes.

Social media forces you to want/need to be popular.

People speak of their social media interactions as crafting their own “personal brand”, as though a human being can truly be encompassed by showing off a few photos or videos, as though we are walking billboards for our services.

I have struggled so much with social media over the years, deleting and opening up new accounts, trying out different services. I try to justify to myself that the narcissism and pure foolishness I subject myself to by having accounts on social media are worth it so that I can market out my website and youtube channel(which is a form of social media I admit) and turn them into something I can make a living from, but in the grand scheme of things it’s ridiculous.

Multi-billion dollar businesses existed before the advent of social media, how the hell did people market themselves then? People might say through radio and television, but I think in the long run it was word of mouth. Good quality was shared, period.

Maybe the internet is so big nowadays that if you refrain from facebook, twitter, and instagram for marketing you’re missing out big time, but sometimes the means does not justify the ends. I know there are good, positive communities on social media, but I also know that 95% of it is either absolute garbage or simply things I have zero interest in.  Every single time I visit instagram, which is the only social media I currently have, the entire discover page is just filled with ridiculous things, regardless of what I choose to like. Forcing myself to post things to it just so that I can get some likes makes me feel..dirty.

I am unsure whether I will delete it completely, but I definitely feel myself leaning towards no longer posting to it. It’s already deleted from my phone anyway.

This shit is so simple yet feels like a huge deal in my head and I cannot for the life of me figure out why.

Maybe that’s the problem. I’m out.

Stay geeky, stay healthy, stay awesome folks.

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