Motivation has become somewhat of a dirty word in our society.

Everywhere you turn someone is trying to motivate the masses into being a better version of themselves, and there isn’t anything wrong with that necessarily, we all need a little nudge sometimes, but it has gotten a bit excessive lately.

I wonder sometimes if all of this motivational advice is worth it, since it all seems kind of fake. In many ways it has become a sort of online business. Whereas for me, the concept of motivation is quite simple.

When I think of what kind of motivational advice I would give to anyone it would probably fall into two simple things to take notice of and act upon.

The first is that “finding motivation” as a concept in and of itself is flawed, because it is fleeting. Energy fluctuates day to day, life throws difficulties at us, it can be a real pain in the ass. Discipline is the key to success, whatever success means to you. It’s a simple understanding that at the end of the day, regardless of your life circumstances, you just need to put one foot in front of the other and just push forward.

The second is that there are moments in our lives where we have the opportunity to get the ball rolling. One day you will wake up and just feel GOOD. Your mind is clear, your body feels good, emotions are stable. This is where choice comes in. You can let that day of clear headed focus pass you by, wasting it on frivolous idiocies, OR you can grab it by the throat and use it as the driving force towards making a 360 pivot towards a better destination.

It will still be difficult. You will still wake up and be sad. Feel as though the weight of the world is trying to flatten you into the earth until you you’re nothing but crushed bone and spilled blood. But if you grab that moment by the throat, and then keep that steady thought in your head that no matter how bad it is, you’re going to use discipline and push yourself through until the next moment of clarity, and keep rising and rising until you finally get through the deep murk of the ocean to crystal clear shallow waters, then you will succeed.

Success might be simply feeling alright for you.
Success might be a better relationship with friends or family.
Success might be getting in better shape.
Success might be just doing more of the things you truly enjoy.

Just be aware and ready for those moments of clarity, and ride the damn wave folks.

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