Fear is something we should all be discussing in this day and age. With the advent of social media platforms and the huge rise in online gaming communities and forums for discussion such as reddit, there is a surge in discussions between people of all ages,gender, and nationality, and all of it is anonymous.

Anonymity might be great in some ways, as it allows people to share opinions, especially in relation to corrupt political regimes, while retaining a level of safety unheard of before.

The problem is it also opens up pandoras box. Trolls, criminals, and other unfortunate folks abound online, causing mayhem wherever they go. The worst aspect is that many decent folks go online and turn into straight up assholes as soon as they realize they can say every ridiculous thought their monkey brain spewed out in a moment and have zero consequences for their actions.

There is a price to pay, and that price is that fear has risen dramatically ever since these platforms have taken over our lives. People are afraid of everything, and others are utilizing fear to get a high online. We need to fight back against this fear. We need to train ourselves to understand our own emotions, our own psychology, and the psychology of other humans, so that we can be better at dealing with these situations and not escalate them into larger conflicts that can cause immeasurable damage to ourselves and those we love.

After just finishing up the book the gift of fear by Gavin De Becker and creating a video of my thoughts on the novel, I wanted to put into written word the most important thing I pulled from that book and my own personal experiences online and what I see in the world.

We all need to take a deep breath, look at ourselves in the mirror and really start judging ourselves harshly. We need to find the proper training so that we can be better citizens, better family members, better partners, better human beings. All of us have to take responsibility for the things we do, and the situations we put ourselves in.

This isn’t to blame any victims out there, but to empower them. There are many choices we can make in our lives to be stronger, more aware individuals. If each of us took the time to do this, we would live in a vastly different world, online and offline.

Never stop improving yourselves. I know I won’t.

Stay healthy, stay safe.


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