Life can be difficult, painful, sometimes horrifying.

Life can be simple, pleasurable, and sometimes beautiful beyond imagining.

There is always a balance. The way we choose to view the world, the things we choose to focus upon, and the level of importance we ascribe to events is what really determines our quality of life while we are alive. People like Victor Frankl, who survived the internment camps of the Nazi era, is a huge proponent of understanding why the choices we make in regards to these events are what will define our entire existence.

There are many people who choose to attach their happiness to an external source such as work, or family, or their relationship with a partner, or to something internal such as their physical or intellectual prowess.

Attaching our emotional state to an outside object is probably one of the worst ways to assure emotional stability throughout our lives.

Physical and intellectual prowess may be the best ways to judge ourselves, but many people make the mistake of looking outwards yet again to others in their field and judging themselves harshly based on how well others are doing. Another zero sum game.

It is best to view our own self improvement through this one context.

Firstly, that death is always around the corner, unless you’re immortal, which at this point in time we will agree is a fantasy. Remembering that death always has a few fingers brushing against our throats is paramount so that we are aware of how precious every second we have in this life. It is not something to fear, but something to drive you forward so that you do not waste any time on idiocies.

Secondly, remember that basing your own worth by how much better you are than others or how much better they are is a recipe for disaster. You will never be happy or proud that way, not truly. The only source you should be focused on is the you of today vs the you of yesterday. How can you improve daily? How can you be a better version of yourself.

It doesn’t have to be something grand, it just has to matter to you.

The meaning we give to things is simply a perspective we have chosen to believe in at this moment in time. Believe that you can be better in even the tiniest of ways, ascribe meaning to it, let it sink into the very marrow of your being, and rejoice whenever you can push yourself even the tiniest fraction of an inch forward.

It can be for anything.

Getting some better sleep.
Improving your relationships with friends and family.
Being a better, more attentive Father or Mother.
Training well and more consistently.
Reading more books.
Working on a new skill, or simply improving an old one.

How well other people are doing is their business, not yours. Improve yourself, based upon YOUR OWN LIFE, not the life of others.

As everyone seems to love saying these days, YOLO.

Stay healthy, Stay geeky.

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