Wisdom comes with patience

Information without context is simply gibberish.

You need to be able to see the full picture, understand the connections between disparate facts so you can begin to piece together a deeper meaning to a subject.

Simply reading an article, or seeing a picture with a line or two does not give you the proper knowledge to really understand what’s happening in a situation.

Wisdom is attained when we can hold ourselves back from frivolous statements and take the time and effort to really learn about something, sit back and ponder it all, engage with others in meaningful debate to further our understanding, both internally and externally, and then come to a more complete answer about whatever it is we are thinking about.


Strong body=A mind without limitations

Many people dig too deep down the rabbit hole of consequences when it comes to our decisions about our health and fitness.

They talk about cigarettes causing cancer when a more pressing issue should be how much it affects our day to day energy, our capacity to breath and quite frankly just how damn smelly it is.

They talk about obesity causing all sorts of fancy sounding medical issues down the line which people cannot connect to when simply telling people that it will hinder them in any sort of physical activity, like playing with their kids, walking the dog, or planning any sort of trip that requires physical exertion will do quite nicely.

We don’t need every reason to be healthier to be some do or die necessity to spur people to make some small changes in their lives.

A healthy, strong body allows the mind to be free of limitations.  That is really the only reason you need to take care of yourself.

After all, if you need the fear of hell to spur you to be a good person, then you were never a good person to begin with.

DragonBall: Inspirational story or dumb action show?

I’ve been torn on the subject of Dragon Ball for most of my life.

Very few series have attained the stardom it has, yet from a story perspective it isn’t too phenomenal. So what exactly drives people to adore it?

Is it just childhood nostalgia, or something deeper?

I think for many children, Dragon Ball and its subsequent continuations, was an inspiration.

Showcasing a cast who, no matter the odds, continued to focus on self improvement and continual growth. Regardless of how powerful their opponents were, they kept trying to get stronger and stronger, to protect their friends and family, almost never for personal gain(except perhaps Vegeta from time to time) .

That indomitable will that drove many of them to stand up to a myriad of increasingly powerful foes, no matter how outmatched they were, is sadly lacking in most of our day to day interactions with people.

I don’t think anyone can watch Gohans pain and see him internalize it and use it as fuel to finally attain super saiyan 2 for the first time without feeling some kind of wild exultation at his accomplishment.

We all look for mediums in our life, whether through books or film or games, that can fill that deep seeded need we have for inspiring heroes, people we can look up to during hard times and use a guiding light out of the darkness that can overwhelm our lives.

As children, we gravitate to these stories. Although Dragon Ball can be incredibly dumb at times, it still is incredibly motivating.

At least it was to this little boy, who is re-watching the entire series from the beginning while travelling, and loving it just as much as I did as a child.


The Tease

There is something wildly exhilarating about holding off from having sex with someone you have recently begun a relationship with.

Teasing each other, drawing it out, focusing exclusively on foreplay,  just building up that sexual tension until finally you just both can’t hold back anymore else you’ll burn up.

It makes finally giving in feel so exquisite, elevating that first time to something like art.

To be witness to that pleasure in another human being, especially when you’re the one giving that pleasure, is second to none as far as I am concerned.

I wrote a little bit about it in my last post as well, you can check that out:D

Pleasure Incarnate

sun kissed skin
sweat stained
full breasts
as you ride me
again and again
hips clenched
eyes wide
as you hit the high notes
of that song that has been sung
since the dawn of Humanity
crying out
for mercy
for more
Gods for more
and I am nothing but a witness
to your beauty
arched back and screaming out
caught in this moment
singed into memory
Pleasure Incarnate

Bards and the power of stories

I sometimes wonder whether we lost or gained more with the advent of the written word and especially our modern obsession with video. We hear tales of the storytellers of old, who wove fantastical worlds out of the air, using just the varied tones of their voices.

Of course, storytellers still exist in the world, in many different forms. But in the past it was common to find traveling storytellers, bards and musicians who kept stories alive for generations, sharing past wisdom and singing of the exploits of heroes and Gods.

It’s a dying art in our modern age, and I imagine we would be losing something precious if it were to cease to exist.

How exciting would it be to have a weary traveler come into your town and simply share the stories he has accumulated over the years, enlightening us all.

Or maybe I am the only one who thinks it would be interesting, such is life.



Old game nostalgia

As I have been traveling, I’ve taken some time to replay some old classics on my Nintendo 3DS, specifically Zelda: Ocarina of time and Majoras Mask.

It’s a strange feeling, to play a game you first discovered when you were a child, especially one that really started your journey into being a bit of a gamer geek.

That nostalgia drives many gamers I believe, even though we enjoy experiencing new games and stories, challenging our selves to new forms of gameplay, many gamers I know will replay old games they love again and again. It’s similar to reading a book over and over, or  watching a film 20 times, there is something utterly blissful about experiencing something you adore and noticing little bits and pieces of newness you didn’t before.

This brings us to the concept of re-makes. There are obviously various forms, some we would consider more remastered versions, such as Zelda on 3DS, which is simply some crisper graphics and tiny modifications to the system. Some though, such as the upcoming Final Fantasy 7 remake, are complete overhauls of the graphics and system as well as what looks like a modification of the storyline as well.

Now this could be cause for concern, as older games, like older movies, sometimes do not lend themselves to being changed at all, but I hold out hope that square enix finds their mojo again and makes an even better FF7 than the original, as I do believe that it lacked many things.

Unfortunately if one remake does very well, then it opens the door to other older games as well. I say unfortunately more so because some of us may want specific titles to be remade( The Legend of Dragoon *cough*) only for them not to be and cause a wave of depression among fans.

There is obviously a lot of complexity when thinking about any sort of remake, juggling the happiness of old fans while reaching out to a new generation of possible fans is a thin line and very difficult to pull off and I hope that any company that attempts it is ready for some backlash as there will always be some unhappy campers in any endeavor.

Let’s all cross our fingers and hope for the best.

Until then, I will sit back and zen out to the sound of Links irritating Hiyyaa noise being repeated 10,000 times an hour. I might be a little addicted to rolling, who knows.