The joy of being sore

I hurt.

Not in the I may have broken something way, but in the I know I did some good work this week kind of way.

That first week back to steady training is always the worst, it zaps your energy, makes you sore in places you forgot existed, wreaks havoc on your sleep. And yet it feels great knowing I put in some good focused effort on improving my physical and mental toughness.

Many people wake up these days feeling like crap, medicating with caffeine and tylenol, all while doing barely any physical activity, yet somehow feeling like they did a 7 hour workout. This is the terrible aspect of our time, so much work and leisure time is spent glued to computer and phone screens and peoples bodies suffer for this, leading to even more sedentary behavior.

People have forgotten the pleasant feeling of soreness connected to a good days work, and the benefits to our emotional states that come along with it. Hard work teaches us what it really means to be tired or uncomfortable, it strengthens the mind.

This isn’t to say that people who work all day in front of a computer don’t work hard, but it simply does not build character in the same way that good physical effort does.

We need a paradigm shift in how we structure our work days, integrating physical movement and hands on tasks that we can visibly see, this gives meaning and grounds us in the reality of our day to day existence.

Never forget that we are animals.

Exploring yourself through movement

There are a myriad of ways to move.

Walking, running, dance, parkour, dozens of sports and many more ways to express ourselves.

But as a society we have forgotten the simplest way of moving;  play.

Rolling around, shifting and gyrating our bodies on the ground and through the air. Simply allowing ourselves to go through every motion the body is capable of and really feeling every part of our system.

It is at once both a way of training but also of meditation. Really deeply connecting with ourselves and letting emotions flow through us and out through simple movement.

It is a remembrance of our animal self, our wildness, the spirituality of  existence within these incredible bodies we inhabit.

We’re slowly losing this connection, and we must do everything we can to regain it.

Get moving people.


Your body is more than just click bait

There are many training methods vying for dominance in the world. With the rise of social media platforms such as instagram, it’s become easy for people to use their bodies to push ways of training that MIGHT get you to look good naked, but most definitely do not build a healthy mindset towards movement and fitness.

For obvious reasons, aesthetics have been the primary concern of most people looking to get in shape, and although there is nothing inherently wrong with wanting to look good naked to attract a partner, when coupled with social media, it starts to create problems for those who want people to train intelligently and with a broader view so that goals go further than just losing weight or gaining muscle.

For those of us whos interests tend to lie more with books and games and the finer things in life( YES, BOOKS ARE THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE!) , this can be especially problematic.

When you spend most of your time in your own head instead of deep within your whole body, you lose connection and the capacity to move as well as you should. It is very easy to push aside this need to move and say it’s stupid or useless or just for jocks, and seeing the social media crazed “look at my body” attention seeking we see all the time, it makes it even easier to just consider it not worth your time. 

Couple that with a general lethargy from sitting on your ass so much, and you have a bad combination if you want people to take care of themselves. It gets even more difficult when the large majority of people who do start to care about their health, tend to get all their examples of fitness from people who are just focused on looks, instead of the dysfunction we create in our modern society. Excessive sitting, phone usage, and an overall lack of knowledge as to how our bodies should work has created a group of people who move like sick, elderly people. 

We need a paradigm shift, one where we care about how good we look naked, but as a subset of our overall focus on being able to move well, be strong, and  age in a way that allows us to live as optimally as possible with the least amount of problems. 

Learn to enjoy your body. Explore it, develop it just like you would your mind, expand it’s horizons, get comfortable with it and grow into a better, stronger human that won’t be limited in any way.

And look damn good naked while you’re at it.

Play the long game

Note to self:

Always be aware of when to push hard in training.

The human body is a miracle, capable of a multitude of actions, a Master at general movement.

Restrict it’s movements though, allow laziness and ineptitude to take hold in your life, and all you are doing is creating an accident in waiting.

Going all in when you have been slacking off for weeks is a recipe for disaster.

My knee is tweaked and all because I refused to acknowledge that I had been out of the game for 3 weeks due to sickness, and now I am paying for that stupidity.

Remember to play the long game. Think 5 steps ahead, plan, and then just do it.


After all, intelligence is sexy.

Except if you’re conceited, then fuck off.

Health 101: Move as much as you can

There is this immensely complex debate going on in our society encompassing the right ways to eat, sleep and train. How we should look, is being skinny bad? is being overweight bad? it’s a never ending debate, more emotion than logic at this point.

Personally I think we need to get down to the basics and let the other stuff sort itself out depending on each individuals preference.

Everyone just needs to move a lot more. Move outside, at home, at work, at the gym, wherever makes you happiest. Move how you want, squat, jump, run, dance, play a sport, frolic in the water, do SOMETHING.

Keep doing that again and again, day after day, and I guarantee a year later the person you see in the mirror will not be the same person anymore, but a stronger, healthier being.

Just move.