Do you wish you had a superpower?

I cannot recall the first moment I decided I wanted to have superpowers. I must have been very young, as I began reading fantasy at quite an early age. All I know is that ever since that moment, I have lived with a mild pang of sadness at the thought that I will never know what it is like to wield power beyond this normal human shell.

Imagine being able to whisper to the very air and have it lift you high up into tendrils of the clouds and soar across the world, a cloud walker.

Or to feel your bones and muscle tighten with such strength that you could lift a whole building, or perhaps even simply remake the very substance of life into anything you wish, fusing your very own creativity into reality.

Ah the dreams I have had all my life, the stories I have told, only to awaken again and again to this damn normalcy. But at the same time I am quite grateful, because I recognize that it is being this normal guy that has pushed my imagination to its limits(with the help of copious amounts of books and games created by other inventive folk)  and allowed me to imagine world upon worlds of magic and wonder.

If Humans have one true superpower it is our ability to create within our minds an infinite universe of possibility, to bend and twist the fabric of reality into anything we can think up, and we can do this again and again until the moment we leave this Earth.

Creativity is our gift to ourselves and those around us.

It is quite wonderful when you think of it that way, isn’t it?

Does Humanity have meaning or is it just meaningless?

What does it mean to have purpose?

We talk of these things as though they naturally have import, but they are simply another set of ideas made up by Humans to give meaning to the drudgery of life, especially modern life.

The dreams of those who search for meaning in a life that has none except survival until our final deaths.

Should we just survive? live everyday following our base desires and needs without thought to the future and what we leave behind, releasing ourselves from the concept of responsibility for those who come after us.

Or should we aspire to make of ourselves something more, something greater, even if that concept of greatness is made up as well, does it have any less weight to it?

I wish I was the type of person to simply say yes it does and leave it at that, but unfortunately my brain refuses to let things pass so easily.

What I can say is that in my head and my heart I truly wish that all of us, from children to elderly, ascribed as much meaning as we could to each of our actions, bringing depth and wonder to everything that life has to offer, because I believe that even if it does not have some kind of spiritual meaning, it still will have a positive impact on those around us and future generations, leading to a better world for our descendants as well as all the creatures that share this beautiful planet with us.

If we cannot appreciate people leading happier lives because we did the best we could in our time, then what else is there?

It may all be made up fantasy in our heads, but at least it has some concrete positive effects, and that’s pretty much all we have.


Choices are all we have in this world. The choice to leave or to stay, to take a chance on something, regardless of how crazy it is, or the choice to allow our fear of the unknown to cripple us.

Which would you rather be, the crazy one..or the cripple?


It’s adventure time!!

Sometimes things just happen organically, the time is  right for a big shift in your life. A week ago  after a heated argument with my boss  I decided that it was time for me to leave my job.

I admit that for a moment I felt a bit lost as I had been working for the company for 4 years and was running the store, but after awhile I realized that I had been in a mini depression for the last 7 years, ever since I had gone backpacking in South-East Asia for 4 months when I was 24, and always planned to leave and travel again but had not.

The moment I walked out the door at work everything fell into place.

I called my landlord to inform them I would be looking for someone to take over my lease for the next year, they were sad to hear I was leaving but found someone to take my apartment within 3 hours.

I decided to sell all my gym equipment and put photos online and have pretty much sold everything already.

I found a cheaper alternative for storing the few things I own in a garage.

People always say that big changes are difficult, but really as soon as you focus your effort on something it generally tends to just open up before you easily.

1 week and already I am all prepped to leave.

Itinerary: My initial plans are to drive from Quebec up to British Colombia, I have always wanted to see Canada as a whole and experience it as it is the second largest country in the world. I will be sleeping in my car to save money as much as possible, I will even be packing as much cooked food as possible and cooking it on a portable gas stove.

I may pit stop in the United States a bit on my drive back but I am not too sure about that. Once I get home I will be putting my car up for sale as I plan to be gone for quite a long time.

After that it will be Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Australia(where I am planning to stay and work to save up money again) and then possibly hop over to South America where I am hoping to go work on an organic farm to reduce costs.

These are of course just ideas, so much can happen when travelling for long periods of time, but I am much better prepared then I was 7 years ago.

I have quite a bit saved up, a much better idea of how to save money and plan on being as frugal as possible to extend my trip.

I also will be using this opportunity to do something I have always wanted to do, which is practice my writing and make more videos.

It’s been a dream of mine to live through writing, but the 9-5 has been draining my energy for years, just keeping me in this low level depression. I hope to ignite that spark again with this trip and really see what I am capable of without the distraction of running a store.

We shall see what the future brings, but I definitely plan to bring my A-game.

It’s adventure time!!

Take a walk

There are a multitude of stressors in our modern society.

Work, friends, family, traffic, there never seems to be an end to the swarm of little irritations that can pile up on you daily.

Many people escape this chronic stress by distracting themselves with social media, tv shows, alcohol, drugs, and fawning over their dogs.

I would argue that a much better way to relieve that stress is taking a simple walk, preferably in nature. Our brains have developed to expect the calm of a forest or plain, it wants us to walk in silence and just be in the moment, to revel in the solitude of our minds.

It’s when we take some time without constant inputs of information and just let the mind empty that our subconscious can really work out problems and grow. This is how creativity blossoms, not during a never ending stream of instagram videos and netflix binges.

I think the world would be a little bit better to live in if we all just took some more walks.

Try it, you just might like it.

David Whyte- Thoughts on love

We name mostly in order to control but what is worth loving does not want to be held within the bounds of too narrow a calling.

In many ways love has already named us before we can even begin to speak back to it, before we can utter the right words or understand what has happened to us or is continuing to happen to us: an invitation to the most difficult art of all, to love without naming at all.

-David Whyte consolations