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Little Joys Ch. 37

This post is part of an ongoing challenge to share a little joy I have found each day of this year, and perhaps for the rest of my life. I hope you enjoy it! February 6th, 2020 Passion is a fascinating thing. When it hits someone, or a group, it can help create the most beautiful, weird, awesome works that […]

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Novelty without quality

Novelty is a driving force in our modern age. We are suffering from a surplus of novelty and a severe lack of quality. Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, books or video games, the more unique your content is, the higher the chance you’ll attract attention. In the past this was most definitely not the case. For centuries any changes to the […]

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What defines an artist?

What defines an artist? Is it a single piece of work that touches millions, or is it the consistent grinding out of good quality content that keeps a core audience enraptured over decades? I don’t think there is an answer to the question, but it’s something that has sparked my curiosity over the past few years, what really makes someone […]