The perfect world will never exist

Heaven is nothing but stagnation disguised as paradise.

A perfect world where nothing ever happens and there is no growth, no decay,

the perfect resting place for those afraid to face the reality of the chaos that is existence.

It’s a harsh statement, but existence is harsh.

But it is also achingly beautiful, and that beauty cannot exist within a vacuum.

Coming to terms with this is one of the greatest issues of our time, and I don’t have any special understanding of how to make it easier to come to grips with.

Life’s a shit show, and we are all just around for the ride.

Knowledge begets responsibility

Someone has to start. Be the first to say “no”, that we can be better, have to be better.

To hold ourselves accountable, to reach for a higher standard, an ideal.

The question is what that ideal will be?

A certain level of safety is required for people to feel capable of striving towards other ideals, so we must begin with that first choice, the one to cause no harm to others. After we can begin to talk about the aesthetic, about beauty, about art, about how we wish to express ourselves.

We do require hardship though. Resistance is a necessary component to life. Struggle leads to a collapse of our inner beliefs, yet with the right conditions it also leads to renewal and a fresh, stronger perspective.

It helps to think about these basic tenets of life, because most of us are so distracted by the mundane tasks of eating and getting to work and hanging out with family and friends that we don’t take the time needed to really address these deeper issues.

As a society and as individuals we need to start thinking about why we have decided to live the way we are living, in a rational and optimistic fashion.

Societies tendency to lean towards the negative aspects of life and not appreciating any of the good is deeply troubling as people are becoming completely bat shit crazy believing that we are living in difficult times when the reality is for most of us we are living in the safest most desirable period of time in human history, ever.

So we need to acknowledge how damn lucky we are, yet still put our foot down and say no to those things which still need to be re-examined and changed or completely eliminated so that our children will have an even better future than ours.

So get to talking people, calmly and hopefully with a bit of research behind your statements, it’s our gift and responsibility to use the knowledge available to us to better our societies.

And please have fun while doing it because no one likes a grouch, take it from me.

Understanding through Art

Art, in its many forms, can touch us deeply in the most beautiful of ways, or leave us scarred and ashamed.

Reminders of human atrocities are scattered throughout History side by side with acts of courage and kindness.

Whole countries lay down to sleep every night with the memories of war and its consequences. Some have been defined by those wars in the minds of all other peoples, replacing an entire history with just the one period of time.

Artists, whether through painting, music, film and other mediums, attempt to imprint the feeling of these moments in time through their respective art forms.

To draw the suffering of a Vietnam war veteran onto paper, showing his pain through the weary lines of his face and sadness tinged eyes.

To encompass the anguish of a Mother who lost her child to starvation during the war in song and dance.

To force viewers to truly see and work through the emotions of a terrible situation through a documentary or biography.

Art can help us to understand these terrible moments, so that we can develop our empathy and stretch ourselves out, expanding our perspective.

In that understanding comes the ability to see the world for what it truly is, a harsh, unforgiving place, but also one of breathtaking beauty.

Appreciating the little moments of compassion and joy comes only after seeing how bad things can be. I for one am glad to have had the relative boredom of my life, especially after seeing the pain that many people around the world have had to endure.

And I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow from the experiences others have been kind enough to share with me, and I hope I can use this knowledge to further my own art.

I hope you all have this opportunity as well in your lives, so keep your eyes and ears open, because these stories, this art, is everywhere.


Achingly pure

Fire touched skin

Wreathed in a crown of curls

You float through life

Cloud walker, Face Painter

God touched

She who sees the unseen behind veiled eyes

Seeking stories within the deepness of Soul and Spirit

Tongue cleaving air, harmony in sound

Mind breathing out oxygen

Filling worlds with life

A Forest of light within a maelstrom of Darkness

Nectar sweet

Like dewdrops alighting upon water starved tongue

Achingly Pure

-Jason B


Pleasure Incarnate

sun kissed skin
sweat stained
full breasts
as you ride me
again and again
hips clenched
eyes wide
as you hit the high notes
of that song that has been sung
since the dawn of Humanity
crying out
for mercy
for more
Gods for more
and I am nothing but a witness
to your beauty
arched back and screaming out
caught in this moment
singed into memory
Pleasure Incarnate