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There is a path hidden before me Layered with dirt and tendrils of ancient Giants Watchers wrapped in armor of bark and leaf Standing Sentinel over Time Waiting, judging, to go left or right Or straight through the heart of what could be Choice is a burden we all must carry Until it grinds us all to dust -Jason B

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Make the right choice

Nature is our beginning and our end. We are birthed into this world with no purpose other than survival and procreation. But although our primary purpose may seem meaningless in the grand scheme of things, nature has allowed us a wide breadth of experience and choices in between birth and death to find joy and create our own inner purpose. […]

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Choices are all we have in this world. The choice to leave or to stay, to take a chance on something, regardless of how crazy it is, or the choice to allow our fear of the unknown to cripple us. Which would you rather be, the crazy one..or the cripple? Choose.

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Stand strong and get it done

Sometimes you just need to stop asking questions and take a leap of faith. Knowing that something is the right thing to do for yourself or others is impossible. No matter how much proof we have, there is always the chance that the choice you make is not the right one, that it leads to unforeseen and possibly disastrous consequences. […]