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Tag: death

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The in-between

This Life flays the Soul Disparate parts, decaying, lifeless Strips the Spirit bare of Meaning I circle through Life again and again Searching for the Spark of Joy Spoken of in childhood hopes and scattered dreams Until Death holds me by the throat I choke on this thing called Life For there are no answers here In the in-between Only […]

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Make the right choice

Nature is our beginning and our end. We are birthed into this world with no purpose other than survival and procreation. But although our primary purpose may seem meaningless in the grand scheme of things, nature has allowed us a wide breadth of experience and choices in between birth and death to find joy and create our own inner purpose. […]

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The ethics of meat eating

I find the current focus on pulling away from eating animals to be quite strange. Don’t get me wrong, I am completely against showing cruelty towards any creature, whether a mammal or insect or even plants. We should all develop a greater respect for the natural world, but many others take that to mean we should never eat another animal, […]