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Tag: desire

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Greed, lust, envy, wrath, pride, sloth, gluttony I feel this need so strongly it’s as though My skin will rupture Spewing out all this wanting I desperately hold within Trapped in this shell Reaching out to grasp eternity Until I fall apart from the weight of it all -Jason B  

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I am surrounded by empty spaces Deep pockets of time Void of memory and warmth There is an aching want This need to be filled To be Full Full of hope and light and goodness Yet all I see are empty spaces Waiting for fulfillment -Jason B

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The Tease

There is something wildly exhilarating about holding off from having sex with someone you have recently begun a relationship with. Teasing each other, drawing it out, focusing exclusively on foreplay,  just building up that sexual tension until finally you just both can’t hold back anymore else you’ll burn up. It makes finally giving in feel so exquisite, elevating that first […]

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Pleasure Incarnate

sun kissed skin glistening sweat stained full breasts swelling as you ride me again and again hips clenched eyes wide trembling as you hit the high notes of that song that has been sung since the dawn of Humanity crying out for mercy for more Gods for more and I am nothing but a witness to your beauty arched back […]

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The strange game of sex

Human sexuality is a strange thing. We are all taking part in this game, attempting to find partners, whether for the short term or long term, and we all know we want to have sex, and yet if we come out and admit it somehow we are considered shallow or perverted, and so we hide the fact, pretend like we […]