Novelty without quality

Novelty is a driving force in our modern age.

We are suffering from a surplus of novelty and a severe lack of quality.

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, books or video games, the more unique your content is, the higher the chance you’ll attract attention.

In the past this was most definitely not the case.

For centuries any changes to the status quo were met with fire and brimstone, but huge leaps in technology, leaps that take mere months instead of centuries, have completely revolutionized our way of thinking.

Now if you aren’t cutting edge then you might as well give up before even starting.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that older methods of doing things don’t still hold promise. I personally see great value in long form content such as podcasts, video and written word.

But those mediums have become increasingly popular to create in short form , little bite sized nuggets to share with the world so that their toilet breaks are more memorable.

Every year that goes by sees people giving more of themselves to the online sphere, a never ending stream of content blasting your synapses into oblivion.

I am not against technological advancement, or even living a big chunk of your life online, but I think what we choose to spend our time on matters, and the internet is mostly a sea of garbage.

I just hope with time that the culture of pumping out new, flashy  redundant apps and content that capture attention but don’t add to the improvement of our species slows down and people start focusing more on quality work.

Cross your fingers with me.




The beginning is always the most difficult.

We can fantasize about something, plan it out in the most excruciating of detail, compile note upon note with the intention of having the most perfectly executed start, and then never get off the couch.

It’s the fear. It drives our procrastination, can make us drown ourselves in an information flow, justify a thousand delays. We can reason ourselves out of anything we want to because of that damn fear of failure, fear of humiliation, fear of not holding up to the standard we imagine within our minds.

At the end of the day there is no other thing to do but just begin.

Whatever it is, just start from the beginning, and work at it.

No magic, no 6 easy steps, just begin.

Group think

We are each of us unique yet also a composite of those we surround ourselves with.

As I have been traveling I’ve found myself merging within the groups I happen to be around. In some instances this has been a positive force, pulling me out of my comfort zone and forcing me to experience that which I would usually avoid.

But many times I have found myself caught up in the group think, twisting myself around to fit in with what the others are focused on, even if it holds little interest for me or does not hold to my values.

Keeping hold of who we truly are when surrounded by others for long periods of time is difficult. We need to constantly remind ourselves that although fitting in is perfectly fine and has worth within a society, we must not allow ourselves to lose sight of the kind of person we wish to be.

Striving to be better in all things, as well as taking pride in what we have accomplished, regardless of how small is paramount. A group that does not allow you to push yourself towards that goal is a group not worth being with. Sometimes pulling yourself away and being on your own is best, at least until you meet someone or another group that follows the same path as you.

A journey alongside someone of kindred spirit can be a beautiful experience.

Most important is to keep moving forward, never forgetting to step upon the cobblestones of your destination and not be yanked off to follow others.

Just get it done

All it takes is one decision to change the direction of your day.

It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, a week ago, years ago.

And it doesn’t matter what happens tomorrow.

All that matters is today.

This moment, this choice.

To do the thing that you know will make you feel successful.

And not that fake success of instagram, posting a picture of yourself doing something just for a like.

That deep satisfaction of knowing you did a good job, you did your best, you did what you needed to do as a human animal.

The simple things.

Be kind to those around you, even when they are not.

Be focused, be disciplined.

Lift that weight, take that walk, clean that mess, make your bed.

Don’t wait for tomorrow, because tomorrow doesn’t matter.

All that matters is today, and you know you need to get this done.

So just get it done.

Finding purpose

Pure dedication to a cause. That intense, all consuming desire to stake your life on something you believe to be of the utmost importance to life.

People have found so many things to devote themselves to, whether it be a religion, family and friends, a lover, the freeing of a people from the shackles of tyranny, helping the poor and sick, the list goes on and on.

In our modern age, with people hyper distracted by 60 hour a week jobs that serve nopurpose but driving the consumerist machine, social media that has created a “like me” economy that mostly leads to depression and an insane need for people to make up fairy tale moments to share on facebook and instagram which then lead to other people hating themselves for not having the life of that person who is not even happy in the first place.

We have lost so much of what used to really drive people to feel fulfilled in life and replaced it with things that will never truly fill that hole in our spirit that searches for a cause that can give life meaning.

I wish I had some answer on how people can re-discover a purpose, but that is an individual journey that each of us must take.

The only advice I can give is that YOU are the one who needs to take that first step down the path to discovering that purpose, that meaning that we all require. Don’t wait until it is too late.

Life happens

It happens to everyone.

You make a plan, it’s perfect. Eat like this, train this many times, sleep at this hour, and then, Life happens.

It’s a matter of discipline and focus, and yet no matter how much we strive to do the things we promise to ourselves we all somehow fall off the wagon.

Maybe you had a good reason, you got sick, someone close to you passed away, lost your job, anything and everything can be used as an excuse to throw all your hard work under the bus.

The most important thing is that you get back up and try again. And again. And again.

Over and over until it finally sticks. And then you accept that every once in awhile you’ll go off track, but once you get into the groove it’s relatively simple to steer yourself back onto the right path.

Easy..with discipline, and focus and an act of will.

Will that most people aren’t willing to put out but that each of us has to find within us if we want to strive towards a goal beyond us. To see into the future and say that is where I want to be, accepting all the mistakes and detours we take along the way, but knowing that the journey towards our destination will shape us into better, stronger human beings.

Don’t quit, just keep moving forward.