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Should you trust most health information?

After years and years of reading books, listening to podcasts, watching videos, reading studies, I have come to the logical conclusion that most nutrition and fitness advice is garbage. Now having said that, that does not mean that there aren’t inferences you can make from the myriad information floating around online and in books in regards to health and exercise […]

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Tyranny of Mediocrity

Crack open this shell and you will see A light trapped within an ocean of darkness Candle flame courage drives me forward Walking through blackened halls of ghost mansions Fear is a giant waiting to be laid out at the feet of sling held hands Raging out against the iron chain Tyranny of Mediocrity -Jason B  

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Learning to control fear

Fear, like most Human emotions, can be a useful tool for guiding us through the chaos that is life on this pale blue dot we call Earth.  But like most things, too much of something, especially when it is misunderstood to the degree that fear is, can be debilitating to our ability to function well. Fear is our bodies way […]

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Choose wisely

Courage comes in many forms. There is bravery in even the smallest act of kindness, the smallest sacrifice. Stepping forward, being responsible for our actions in any given situation, takes a great amount of willpower, especially when the mob has decided to shy away. That desire to conform, to not stand out, is a powerful force. But there is a […]

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Starting something new

Starting something is almost always the most difficult aspect of a project. If you think about it, it shouldn’t be, as most tasks require very little effort when first starting off, and yet the mental fortitude it takes to push ourselves into the horrifying act of creating something new is astounding. It’s the fear. The fear of failing, the fear […]