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Tag: future

Creativity and Art 1

Chasing the light

With flat feet and bowed hips I chase your Shadow Across boundless expanse A clown entertaining the multitude within Laughter drives my steps Towards the Light I see before you Heedless of the inner clamor Seeking to pull me back To despair and madness -Jason B

Anime 0

Meshing the online and offline worlds

The popularity of anime such as Sword Art Online and other works has shown us a glimpse of the possible lives our children could be experiencing in the future, a time where the real world becomes mundane and the online world becomes one of fantastical possibilities. The actual issue is not people spending all their time online, but of them […]

Gaming 0

The evolving landscape of gaming

As the years roll by and gaming becomes more mainstream, it’s quite surprising to look at how much things have changed in the last 20 years. When I was young, game tournaments were a rarity, usually being held in cramped little venues with a few dozen spectators, really only the most hardcore enthusiasts in attendance. Nowadays, entire weekends are taken […]