Little Joys Ch.79; Creating a better version of ourselves

In these times of isolation, finding areas of interest in our lives to ground us is extremely important. Being forcibly locked indoors, especially if you are alone, can make the world seem like a barren wasteland.

Silence as they say, can itself be deafening.

I have been fortunate in my life to develop many hobbies and interests over the years, but even then it is difficult for me to find the energy to do things during my self isolation. It is important to remember that no matter how much you love something, no matter how interesting it is, if you don’t exert the energy to grow that interest then it will stagnate.

Now, in the midst of all this strange chaos due to the corona virus, it is imperative that we take a more active part in forcing ourselves to do the things we find interesting, to learn new skills, train harder, explore new movement possibilities, and simply push ourselves to expand.

It is really easy to just use these troubled times as an excuse to laze around and give in to the worst sides of ourselves.

We can do better.

It is never too late, or too difficult, to create a better version of ourselves.

Change is possible

Life is a series of missteps.

Of falling flat on our faces time and time again.

Of reaching for something beyond ourselves, attempting to be better.

And falling so far from it that it seems a cruel joke that we ever tried.

But the true test of our lives isn’t the reaching of our perceived goals.

It is the getting up, regardless of how many times you’ve fallen that matters.

The journey, as people are want to repeat endlessly.

Trying to grasp that which is out of reach is the only way to burn the lessons into skin.

Man, Woman, it doesn’t matter. We all have the capacity for change, but the road to it

is a burning hellfire that we must walk through.

Have fun!

Merry christmas to all.

Novelty without quality

Novelty is a driving force in our modern age.

We are suffering from a surplus of novelty and a severe lack of quality.

Whether it’s Instagram, Facebook, books or video games, the more unique your content is, the higher the chance you’ll attract attention.

In the past this was most definitely not the case.

For centuries any changes to the status quo were met with fire and brimstone, but huge leaps in technology, leaps that take mere months instead of centuries, have completely revolutionized our way of thinking.

Now if you aren’t cutting edge then you might as well give up before even starting.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that older methods of doing things don’t still hold promise. I personally see great value in long form content such as podcasts, video and written word.

But those mediums have become increasingly popular to create in short form , little bite sized nuggets to share with the world so that their toilet breaks are more memorable.

Every year that goes by sees people giving more of themselves to the online sphere, a never ending stream of content blasting your synapses into oblivion.

I am not against technological advancement, or even living a big chunk of your life online, but I think what we choose to spend our time on matters, and the internet is mostly a sea of garbage.

I just hope with time that the culture of pumping out new, flashy¬† redundant apps and content that capture attention but don’t add to the improvement of our species slows down and people start focusing more on quality work.

Cross your fingers with me.