We all get sad sometimes, don’t stress it

Sometimes we get stuck in a frame of mind that just does not let us move forward.

Regardless of how much we know we should be doing work,or taking care of ourselves whether with better sleep or food, we just can’t find an ounce of motivation to move our asses.

Those moments where ice cream and binge watching shows become our stalwart allies against existence.

They come often, due to a variety of stressors in modern day living, and they can be a real pain to get through. The most important thing to remember is that you have already gotten through moments like this, small or large, and you will survive.

The world will not implode because you didn’t do something special for a few weeks or months, you won’t die because you ate all that ice cream and pizza.

You will survive, and improve, and ultimately be a stronger person for it. Doing the wrong things is what teaches us the real importance of doing the right things, without all those failures we would have nothing to compare.

I am not advocating to just give up and go with the flow whenever life gets you down, but remember not to compound your issues with self hate just because you weren’t perfect at every damn moment of your life.

We only get one shot at this thing, we might as well be kind to ourselves.

Curate your information flow

Sometimes finding inspiration within a world that is over-saturated with content is as simple as narrowing our search.

We can’t have it all, no matter what people say, and that applies to our ability to intake information, whether for pleasure or work.

Picking out sources, curating our information flow and only allowing things that truly spark something deep within us is a necessity in life at the moment.

There is just too much out there and we can get lost just letting it sweep us along.

So be picky, don’t waste your time on things that don’t move your soul.

The three points of change in our lives

There are three different points in our lives when big changes occur, and where we are along the spectrum of these points can alter the way we live significantly.

The what was Before; before you turned 31, before you got that job, before you lost her, before you made all the mistakes you made.

The what comes After; you learn from your mistakes, find new purpose, strive to be better than your past self, grow and grow until you reach that light you have been searching for for years.

The In-Between is what gets you every time; where all that was before haunts you, and all that comes After is still in front of you but seemingly out of reach, no matter how many days and weeks pass, you can see the After but cannot grasp it.

You’re stuck in the In-Between. It hurts here, not like Before,  when all that pain and suffering was fresh. No, it hurts like a stubbed toe, the knowing you should have and could have avoided all those mistakes if you had just been better, paid more attention, not been such a klutz, such a failure, but you didn’t and now you’re stuck here, in this place you don’t want to be, with all this regret.

It’s embarrassing, but you’re lost and confused and no matter how much you know that you should walk towards the After you know is right there around the corner, you’re so damn exhausted and the ground looks so soft and inviting that you may as well lie down and rest, you deserve to rest after all because the Before was so bad.

But you don’t deserve it, far from it, and you know it but rest anyway and you hate yourself and are disgusted. And now the In-Between is all there is, it is who you are, just a failure.

Until one day, for no reason you can pinpoint too, or a multitude of reasons, you wake up and realize that Before was just a part of life and you maybe made a lot of mistakes but it isn’t over because After is just right there around that stupid corner.

And there you are. Around the corner, in the After.

Life isn’t perfect here, but there is a sense of possibility, of good things, of hope.

All it took was a bit of time to get here, but you made it.


What defines us?

What does it mean to be an individual?

Are we to be judged on the color of our skin? the misdeeds of our ancestors? hair? style of dress?

How about the foods we eat or the music we listen to?

What defines us truly?

Most of us go through life merely reacting to whatever our lizard brains throw at us. Consciously attempting to express who we are should be viewed in a positive light as it is our attempt to self reflect and figure out the world around us and who we wish to be within it.

To explore ideas, disassemble them, and come up with new and exciting ways of viewing the world is paramount to a society that wishes to progress and grow. We need to embrace complexity, refrain from putting things and people into little boxes.

But to do all this all of us requires us to be patient. We need to allow people to stumble, to say the wrong thing, to ask uncomfortable questions, to push ourselves to see the person behind the question and not just violently react whenever someone says something we disapprove of.

Social media has created a culture where its cool to start attacking whomever you disagree with without taking a single moment to attempt to understand why a person is saying what they are saying.

We can do better people.

Learning to control fear

Fear, like most Human emotions, can be a useful tool for guiding us through the chaos that is life on this pale blue dot we call Earth.  But like most things, too much of something, especially when it is misunderstood to the degree that fear is, can be debilitating to our ability to function well.

Fear is our bodies way of warning us that something may cause us harm. This is good when a lion is chasing us, but not so useful when all that we are doing is going in for a job interview or attempting to walk up to a girl and say hi.

The brain cannot tell the difference between the two, and that is something that only the conscious parts of us can work through and teach ourselves to overcome.

And make no mistake, most of the things we are afraid of in this day and age are not worth worrying about. You might keep a wary eye on some things, but mostly you should just inform your fear that it’s okay, this is just something you have to do to push yourselves forward in life and that, no, you are not going to die from saying hello to the cute boy at the cafe.

Unless he’s a crazy psychopath.

Or maybe you are and he should be afraid.

Life is so exciting, isn’t it?

Words worth hearing vol.6

Living an exciting life can certainly inspire creativity, but for many it is the monotony of the routine, the steady plodding through the day that sparks the mind to find solace in the imagination.

Be regular and ordinary in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.

-Gustave Flaubert

To write is the joy and the torment of the idle

-Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette