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Spilled ink on paper Remnants of days filled with memories of you Memories that bled joy and sorrow A lifetimes worth of feeling trapped within Like old stone weathered by storm This is how I remember you Like roots of Ancient trees Old Gods, unseeing Seeped into every inch of me Immortalized -Jason B  

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The in-between

This Life flays the Soul Disparate parts, decaying, lifeless Strips the Spirit bare of Meaning I circle through Life again and again Searching for the Spark of Joy Spoken of in childhood hopes and scattered dreams Until Death holds me by the throat I choke on this thing called Life For there are no answers here In the in-between Only […]

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There is a path hidden before me Layered with dirt and tendrils of ancient Giants Watchers wrapped in armor of bark and leaf Standing Sentinel over Time Waiting, judging, to go left or right Or straight through the heart of what could be Choice is a burden we all must carry Until it grinds us all to dust -Jason B

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Chasing the light

With flat feet and bowed hips I chase your Shadow Across boundless expanse A clown entertaining the multitude within Laughter drives my steps Towards the Light I see before you Heedless of the inner clamor Seeking to pull me back To despair and madness -Jason B

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Creation or destruction

It is so much easier to destroy something. Such a simple process in most cases, just pick it up, shake it around, then smash it. Creation, on the other hand, is a much more difficult endeavor to undertake. Even the smallest of things become complex when creativity and logic attempt to intertwine to form something shiny and new. This is […]

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Choose wisely

Courage comes in many forms. There is bravery in even the smallest act of kindness, the smallest sacrifice. Stepping forward, being responsible for our actions in any given situation, takes a great amount of willpower, especially when the mob has decided to shy away. That desire to conform, to not stand out, is a powerful force. But there is a […]

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Understanding through Art

Art, in its many forms, can touch us deeply in the most beautiful of ways, or leave us scarred and ashamed. Reminders of human atrocities are scattered throughout History side by side with acts of courage and kindness. Whole countries lay down to sleep every night with the memories of war and its consequences. Some have been defined by those […]

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The beginning is always the most difficult. We can fantasize about something, plan it out in the most excruciating of detail, compile note upon note with the intention of having the most perfectly executed start, and then never get off the couch. It’s the fear. It drives our procrastination, can make us drown ourselves in an information flow, justify a […]

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Achingly pure

Fire touched skin Wreathed in a crown of curls You float through life Cloud walker, Face Painter God touched She who sees the unseen behind veiled eyes Seeking stories within the deepness of Soul and Spirit Tongue cleaving air, harmony in sound Mind breathing out oxygen Filling worlds with life A Forest of light within a maelstrom of Darkness Nectar […]

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Words worth hearing Vol.5

There is so much beautiful wisdom hidden within the pages of novels and I find they are simply not shared enough. The stormlight archives by Brandon Sanderson is one of my favorite series, here are some great quotes from his characters(A.K.A himself:D) “The most important words a man can say are, “I will do better.” These are not the most […]

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The Tease

There is something wildly exhilarating about holding off from having sex with someone you have recently begun a relationship with. Teasing each other, drawing it out, focusing exclusively on foreplay,  just building up that sexual tension until finally you just both can’t hold back anymore else you’ll burn up. It makes finally giving in feel so exquisite, elevating that first […]