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Tag: prose

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Wonder struck

I am wonder struck To feel the hand of Luck in a universe of misfortune To be born in a time and space free of war and and pain subject only to the hurt that I bring upon myself through misdeed and foolish choice I am wonder struck filled to the brim with liquid gold The tree of eternity strumming […]

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Greed, lust, envy, wrath, pride, sloth, gluttony I feel this need so strongly it’s as though My skin will rupture Spewing out all this wanting I desperately hold within Trapped in this shell Reaching out to grasp eternity Until I fall apart from the weight of it all -Jason B  

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I am surrounded by empty spaces Deep pockets of time Void of memory and warmth There is an aching want This need to be filled To be Full Full of hope and light and goodness Yet all I see are empty spaces Waiting for fulfillment -Jason B

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Tyranny of Mediocrity

Crack open this shell and you will see A light trapped within an ocean of darkness Candle flame courage drives me forward Walking through blackened halls of ghost mansions Fear is a giant waiting to be laid out at the feet of sling held hands Raging out against the iron chain Tyranny of Mediocrity -Jason B  

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A fresh start

From open sores my lifeblood seeps Draining down into spaces between Here, there and Neverwhere Emptying out the filth Purging me of you, of us Of all that could have been A fresh start, somewhere between Here, there and everywhere These veins flow endlessly Leaving behind the memory of you -Jason B

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Spilled ink on paper Remnants of days filled with memories of you Memories that bled joy and sorrow A lifetimes worth of feeling trapped within Like old stone weathered by storm This is how I remember you Like roots of Ancient trees Old Gods, unseeing Seeped into every inch of me Immortalized -Jason B