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Tag: reality

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The perfect world will never exist

Heaven is nothing but stagnation disguised as paradise. A perfect world where nothing ever happens and there is no growth, no decay, the perfect resting place for those afraid to face the reality of the chaos that is existence. It’s a harsh statement, but existence is harsh. But it is also achingly beautiful, and that beauty cannot exist within a […]

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Meshing the online and offline worlds

The popularity of anime such as Sword Art Online and other works has shown us a glimpse of the possible lives our children could be experiencing in the future, a time where the real world becomes mundane and the online world becomes one of fantastical possibilities. The actual issue is not people spending all their time online, but of them […]

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Mirror images

Mirror images haunt my waking dreams a cruel phantasm of existence I see myself again and again torn apart cobbled together a Frankenstein Monster a mockery of life just a semblance of what it is to be Human To be filled with life To be whole Only for these mirror images to reflect back my truth