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Should you trust most health information?

After years and years of reading books, listening to podcasts, watching videos, reading studies, I have come to the logical conclusion that most nutrition and fitness advice is garbage. Now having said that, that does not mean that there aren’t inferences you can make from the myriad information floating around online and in books in regards to health and exercise […]

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Focus on the basics Padawans

So many people, myself included, over-complicate matters when getting into fitness. People start worrying about whether they are doing the right kind of training, eating the right kinds of food, going to the gym as many days as they should be. But like all things, the only focus you should have when entering into something new is mastering the basics, […]

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Sleep and sleep some more

We live in a society with very little respect for sleep. I could go off on a rant and spout all the scientific reasons why you need to sleep and how it is incredibly important for the health of your brain and physical performance, but these points have been made over and over again by health professionals. At the end […]

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Life happens

It happens to everyone. You make a plan, it’s perfect. Eat like this, train this many times, sleep at this hour, and then, Life happens. It’s a matter of discipline and focus, and yet no matter how much we strive to do the things we promise to ourselves we all somehow fall off the wagon. Maybe you had a good […]